Social English Language Skills

 26 / 11 / 2014  4  1 Language
Most people who learn a second language would like to master enough of that language to be able to engage in basic conversations when meeting people in social settings. This free online English language course will help you improve your social English language skills so that you will be able to communicate confidently with people in social settings. The course starts by showing you how to meet and greet people and how to engage in small talk. You will also learn how to make suggestions, requests, and offers, how to talk about what you do in your spare time, and give opinions on different topics. This free online English language course will give you much greater confidence when communicating with people in social settings and allow you to engage in conversations that are fun and meaningful. This course will be of great interest to all students who have completed the free online course titled 'Introduction to Conversational English' available on ALISON and who would like to further improve their English language skills.
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    5/8/2017 11:02 PM

    Bonjour je veux acceder à vos cours

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