5 steps to turn an interview into a job

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5 Steps to turn your interview into a JOB!

Step 1:  LISTEN 

  • During the early part of the interview, listen as much as possible to what the interviewer says about his company, its needs, goals and problems. Formulate your answer according to what you heard
  • Transfer yourself from a stranger looking for a job to a potential employee committed to the success of the enterprise
  • Don’t be a passive listener; give feedback so that the interviewer knows you are listening 

Step 2:  Arouse Attention 

  • “I am really excited to be here, since it seemed to me that my qualifications align with the needs of the job.” 

Step 3: Transform Attention into Interest 

  • Demonstrate your value by making an effort to turn everything you say into an expression of accomplishment or qualifications.
  • Don’t praise yourself:  “I specialize in handling the details and anticipating needs, so that the team can be more efficient.” 

Step 4:  Transform Interest into Involvement 

Look out for “buy signals” from interviewers: 

  • Tell me about….
  • Can you be more specific about…
  • I like that/that interests me/great. 

Step 5: Push for action 

  • On closure of interview respond by thanking the interviewer and end with a question on when you should expect a decision.
  • Remember to follow up with a thank-you email.


By Jack Griffin


  • Biryar Abdullah
    2/27/2017 6:59 AM

    it is really what needed in almost every interview, thanks for you tips

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