How to present in English (even for non-native speakers!)

 11 / 5 / 2016  504  0 English Language skills

=== Over 580 students from 74 countries are already learning with us how to present in English with confidence ===

Join Lucie, Lenka and Abbey as they go through each and every step in the process of creating and delivering great presentations in English. Unlike talking-head video courses you may have seen elsewhere, this program is fresh, cinematic and accessible even for non-native speakers.

Presentations are difficult for most people. And having to present in a second language is doubly difficult.

Together, we’ll go through all aspects of…

  • Planning
  • Structuring
  • Writing
  • Rehearsing
  • Preparing
  • And delivering

…great presentations in English.

Covering things like: 

  • Presentation goals
  • Great openings
  • Impactful conclusions
  • Reading vs. Learning
  • Visual aids
  • Body language
  • Tips for clarity in English

… and so much more.

All our videos are presented in a fun way and come with subtitles!

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